The Riddim Twins Sly & Robbie are known for their mastery of reggae, but their resume also contains a bit of funk, some disco, and even some ambient IDM. Which makes their collaboration with Parliament-Funkadelic keyboardist-turned-superfly solo man Amp Fiddler a wonderful union. Inspiration Information showcases everything we’ve come to expect from Fiddler (soul-drenched vocals, mood-setting keyboard riffs) while spotlighting everything we demand from Sly & Robbie (gravy-thick basslines, solidly rhythmic drums and percussion, tight arrangements). Boasting a high degree of both musicianship and funkiness, this eight-song project just works, from the chilled, jazzy version of “I Believe in You” to the Obama-esque social commentary of “Black House” (an update of George Clinton’s “Paint the White House Black”) to “Serious,” on which Fiddler declares, “I’m more serious than the price of gas.”