Why front on an album that invokes David Lynch’s Twin Peaks on its first song? Berlin’s Ghost Cauldron might offer a blender full of beats, but its sweep is nevertheless similar to cinema. “Fire Walk With Me,” laden with cutting strings, measured piano and a plodding beat, feels like a soundtrack to the latest Ridley Scott blockbuster, while “Only at Night” samples Brando’s canonical “horror” speech from Apocalypse Now (as well as its helicopter rotor noise). Any questions? With guest turns from cats like Priest and Anti-Pop Consortium, Invent Modest Fires feels like a sequel to John Carpenter’s Halloween, but plays like the kind of Gothic pop that could use a little more time out of the studio. Thing get interesting when the eerie guitar and Nick Talyor’s vocals kick in on “See What I’ve Become,” but move to nostalgic when the Jan Hammer-like riffs on “Look Back See Forward” channel Miami Vice. All in all, an ambitious pomo homage to widescreens everywhere.