Shape-shifting house chameleon Isolée returns to Pampa with a slice of emotional, deep and…well, at times, slightly sad house music—its bluer than the sea itself and draped in melancholy, while still retaining enough groove to keep the faith, boasting light skip and swing aplenty. At least that’s the tone at the start of the title track, with its soft pace and yearning tone radiating through light top-line melodies and descending melodic bass chimes, all while beats twist and turn uncomfortably in the background. Just when you thought you couldn’t go any further down that deep rabbit hole, you do—before being brought back to earth on the drop, as snapping beats and shuffling percussion lift the spirits of the track.

The spirits are moved even further with the tremendous b-side, “Favouride,” with the tempo, pitch and jack lifted to a more actively upbeat groove. A deep sub-bass burns deeply, while bell percussion takes the lead; the drop brings in sublime kick drum, the groove then intensifying every 16 bars before leaping into the unknown around the two and a half minute mark.

He’s an undisputed—yet somehow elusive—champion of house music and its many facets, and Isolée’s latest entry in the Pampa hall of fame will probably have you hitting repeat a fair few times.