If the first volume of this series from last year didn’t put the world on notice about Berlin hometown’s exploding beat culture, this 30-track double-CD will leave no doubt that the city’s truly on fire. Though Dangerous Drum’s focus since it’s ’01 birth has ostensibly been on uptempo breakbeat, It’s a Berlin Thing Vol. 2 runs the gamut from power-breaks (ed2000 and Circuit Breaker’s remix of Sir Real’s “Boingers”) to electro (Doigts de Poisson & Deckart’s “Troubled Guirars” and DJ Vela’s “Ol Witch’s Jig”), to dubby and groovy breaks (Ekkotrooperz’ “Roll the Bass” and Crash House Brothers’ “Crash House”), to downtempo (WIPPKRIEM’s “Tears”), to spoken word (Jammin’ Unit vs. Sketch’s “Magnetic”) and much more. Think of the exploratory spirit of such legendary comps as the Kickin label’s Elements of Jazz or Stud!o K7’s Freestyle Files, then ponder the fact that all of the artists on this comp live within a bus ride from each other.