As Jackmaster, Jack Revill’s creative trajectory has been the stuff of dance music lore. The story beginsduring his teenage employment at the world-renowned Rubadub record shop in his hometown of Glasgow. It was here, where Revill was supposedly paid in vinyl for his time, that his record spinning endeavors were initially launched. After an early residency at his own Monox techno night, Revill co-founded Numbers, his most enduring and ambitious project. Since its humble beginnings as a local club night, Numbers has evolved into one of the most universally respected labels in the industry, boasting releases from UK heavyweights Jamie xx, Hudson Mohawke, and Rustie, among others.

In light of his achievements, it seems only fitting to think of his latest DJ-Kicks contribution—a 26-track offering for !K7‘s acclaimed mix series—as a sonic adventure of sorts; a journey through both his deep record bag and the musical epicenters that have had a profound impact upon him. In a manner that befits the eclecticism of his celebrated sets, Revill touches upon a vast array of techno and house shades, from the atmospheric and introspective to the driving and relentless. Perhaps even more engaging than the mix’s comprehensive range of club moods, however, is its various homages to the global pillars of each style.

“Although it wasn’t my plan,” explains Revill, “it turned into a kind of tribute to the cities that really formulated me as a DJ: Detroit, Chicago and Glasgow.” A minimal cut from Detroit legend Robert Hood and a dystopian thriller from Underground Resistance affiliated Overmow stand in for the birthplace of techno. For a dose of Chicago, Revill first selects an early acid track from a master of the craft in Mike Dunn, before employing a lively house tune from DJ Deeon‘s Playground Productionz alias. Lastly, Revill chooses a number of UK talents to represent his hometown. From Numbers signee and fellow Glaswegian Denis Sulta to veritable icon Mr. G, Jack brings it home by presenting a highly personal vision of the UK dance music landscape.

How this DJ-Kicks is interpreted will depend greatly on perspective. The mix’s movement between disparate textures, temperaments, and decades may be a dizzying experience to the casual listener. Those familiar with Revill’s past output, label accomplishments, or unadulterated passion for record digging, however, are in for a treat. Above all, Revill’s thoughtful selections and undeniable ability to fuse a number of moving parts into a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience make for a wonderfully ambitious venture worth every minute.

Order the July 8 release here.