Since 2000, Toronto native Jeremy Caulfield has been championing challenging minimal techno via his Dumb-Unit company. While this imprint hasn’t garnered the hipster cachet of other labels of comparable quality, its track record is among the strongest in the world. Detached Works [01] is a double-barreled salvo of pelvis-swiveling minimal techno that reasserts just how excellent Caulfield’s reign as producer, DJ, and A&R man has been. Disc One offers a sampling of D-U’s hottest specimens from the last two years. Thoroughbred minimalist producers like Butane, Sweet N Candy, Alejandro Vivanco, and Caulfield himself explore the quirky and the scientific with equal fervor. The results strike a balance between Orac’s and Perlon’s hedonistic yet rigorous aesthetics. Disc Two finds Caulfield mixing 21 tracks from his pals (including Osvaldo, Barem, Franco Cinelli, and Italoboyz), straight from the techno illuminati’s private stashes. It’s all deep, strange, aerodynamic, and zipping-down-the-Autobahn fantastic.