When it comes to Los Angeles’ music scene, there’s no avoiding the heralded cipher circle Project Blowed and beat-head bastion Low End Theory. Nocando‘s debut, Jimmy the Lock, lives in both worlds. With a fully automatic delivery full of wig-splitting wordplay, the battle-tested Blowedian fires inventive, idiosyncratic, and unpredictable rhymes. Topics range from navigating LA life on “Exploits and Glitches” to sex with minors on the R. Kelly homage “Skankophelia” to the pains of love on “Flight Risk,” where he ends up in his bathroom masturbating to a picture of his girlfriend with a gun in his hand. Clearly, he’s much more than just a battle rapper, and LA’s finest help accentuate this point, as Jimmy the Lock features abstract, blunted bangers full of warbly synths, dynamic drums, and guttural, pounding bass by Nosaj Thing, Nobody, Daedelus, Free the Robots, Thavius Beck, and more.