Finnish keyboardist Jimi Tenor continues to drift further away from his Joss House Recordings roots with Joystone, his surprising debut for Ubiquity. On Joystone, Tenor and Kabu Kabu (a West African trio led by Fela Kuti acolyte Nicholas Addo Nettey) find a loved-up medium between Scandinavian and African sonic sensibilities. Over these 12 tracks, buoyant, undulating Afrobeat rhythms converge with Tenor’s suave loungetronica, and then get embellished with some CTI-like fusionoid brass and woodwinds from skilled Finnish and English jazz players. Tenor & Kabu Kabu’s unlikely conflation of tropical and cool aesthetics results in a distinctive party-centric disc that could be equally effective at a United Nations soirĂ©e or a swinging bachelor-pad seduction scene.