Say it a few times. “Subthunk.” Roll it around a little; try stretching out one of the syllables. “Suuuuubthunk.” Make it sound like a food, or make it more onomatopoeic, like an upended bowl of spaghetti hitting the floor. It’s a great name, at once sensual and evocative while completely lacking actual meaning. Subthunk is a quartet comprised of curiously fictional-sounding fellows like Ant and Pharaoh, who make hyperactive keyboard-led instrumentals with drums and guitar synth making guest appearances and a nasty, slappy funk bass under everything. Like the squishy name, Subthunk is an uneasy marriage of the organic, with noodly solos wrapping around and around, and that bass honking away; and the post-human, with goofy samples and live drums that mimic drum & bass programming.