It’s hard to pinpoint when Squarepusher became the electro-prog Primus, but it feels at times that Tom Jenkinson, the one-time IDM dandy-turned-binary bassist behind it all, is fucking with us. There’s an abstract, absurd concept behind this album–its inspiration said to be glowing, emerald anamorphic coat hangers, oscillating architecture, and time-continuum-shattering instrumentation. Of course, there’s also some interesting explorations of robo-disco (“Star Time 2”), a supersaturated ?-ziq-esque odyssey (“Planet Gear”), and snake-charming distortion (“Tensor in Green”). The production (especially “Delta -V” and “Quadrature”) is much airier and filled with headroom–it feels more like a tracking session than an in-the-box sound-design seminar. Just a Souvenir is another fretless frolic for those who like cross-genre noodling with hints of Jamiroquai, King Crimson, and chiptunes.