Los Angeles-based husband-and-wife duo Rainbow Arabia made some waves with last year’s debut EP The Basta, and Kabukimono finds the band effectively building upon its unique brew of exotic synths, south-of-the-equator dance beats, and post-punk songwriting sensibilities. There’s certainly some cultural tourism going on—Kabukimono hops between the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America (sometimes within a single song) with little regard for traditional memes and Tiffany Preston’s affected vocals occasionally border on mimicry—but the music is undeniably enjoyable. “Haunted Hall” is a spooky Middle Eastern delight, “Harlem Sunrise” goes Caribbean with its steel drums and tropical bounce, and the synth-powered title track is a percussive whirlwind suited for dancefloors on any continent. Ghost on Tape’s wobble-bass theatrics on his remix of “Omar K” are also not to be missed.