Drone-metal takes another bloody-footed hike across a paved-over desert on Kalmukia. This trio of expats from Pan Sonic, Schneider TM, and Lost in Hildurness crafts parched, murmuring tones that burn leisurely into one’s subconscious. After a weak start of flat metal riffs on “Bones in the Sand,” Angel picks up the tension in the title track, where brooding strings gradually collapse into digital debris. The group later recalls composer Krzysztof Penderecki’s darkest moments on “Effect of Discovery,” where siren-like wails mimic an auto-collision victim’s numb shock. Sadly, Kalmukia ends with a joyous cliché; “Aftermath: The Mutation” ascends to St. Peter’s gate with jangling, shoegazer guitar riffs. It’s a moment that makes one miss the nightmares.