For someone claiming not to have formal musical training, Turkish techno magus Onur Özer sure creates a sophisticated brand of dance music. Much like Berlin-via-Seattle producer Bruno Pronsato, Özer lays avant-jazz and musique concrète ideas over subliminally propulsive 4/4 beats. The seemingly incongruous juxtaposition of highbrow elements with hedonistic dance tropes generates a fresh variation on techno’s overly familiar template. Özer is essentially ushering into techno sounds rarely, if ever, heard there. On this stunning debut album, he makes unlikely components–oddly diminished piano chords, baroque organ fugues, perverse percussion accents–coalesce into smoothly running compositions that never seem gratuitously fussy or weird. Anyone bemoaning techno’s stagnancy needs to hear Kasmir, a decidedly more-is-more affair.