He’s only just hit the scene, but Kattison’s genre-fusing touch has quickly won the ears of some of the industry’s leading tastemakers, including Annie Mac, Monki, and Sinden. Making a debut under his chosen production name in late 2014 on Greco-Roman with the single “I Know You’re Ready”, the London-based artist has already made major waves with his stunning bootleg of Caribou’s “Second Chance,” giving a gorgeous treatment to Jesse Lanza’s featured vocals.

Released on Sasha’s imprint Last Night On Earth, End Our Sleep is Kattison’s first full EP—and it’s three tracks of genre-fusing dancefloor moodiness that blend house and breaks with equal parts melancholy and bliss. The title track is an irresistible, melodic head-bobber that builds with a crackling beat and deep synth echoes, slowing down for patches of live jungle-tinged percussion before diving back with a melodic vocal drone and bright pads. “DXB” follows, picking up the pace while delivering on the track’s name, fusing elements of drum & bass to breathy vocals and a thudding bass line to conjure a dark, brooding vibe. The EP closes out with “Square Root,” a deeply marinated groove with shimmering synths and vocal chops that take care of the track’s heavy lifting. With a multitude of influences, Kattison’s developed a sound all his own, and this three-track release shows him to be an artist to look out for.