If we’re being absolutely frank, there’s not too much difference between a good Hype Williams track and a bad one. The enigmatic duo of Dean “Roy” Blunt and Inga Copeland (or maybe Karen Glass, if you like) make a nebulous kind of aimless, lo-fi ‘pop’ that could be the current epitome of an “acquired taste” in music; they basically use the same ingredients—an oversized bassline, deep synth pads, preset drum-machine sounds, dusty vinyl samples, and (presumably) a shit ton of weed—on each track they create, and you either like the recipe or you don’t.

The Kelly Price W8 Gain Vol. II EP is the latest batch of Hype Williams’ special blend (released via Hyperdub, oddly enough), and as you might expect, it’s not much different from previous outings. In fact, the four-track record might as well be called One Nation Vol. II. Not only does it share the same kind of low-slung grooves (like on standout opener “Rise Up”) and surreal soundscapes (just try to make sense of “Farthing Wood Dub”) with that Hippos in Tanks-released LP, but the same deadpan orator makes an appearance on EP closer “Badmind,” too. Whether or not this is a collection of b-sides isn’t terribly important, though; if you’re pleased with Hype Williams’ previous work, you’ll likely enjoy this record. But if you’re a newcomer to the Blunt & Copeland fanclub, we’d suggest you start somewhere not so half-baked.