Over the course of its five-year run, Catz N’ Dogz’s Pets Recordings has hosted a variety of artists, including Eats Everything, Tom Demac, Uffe, and Jay Shepheard, amongst others. Now, the imprint has invited hardware wizard KiNK to join the fray with “Fantasia,” a percussive outing featuring long-time Pets Recording artist Rachel Row.

Row’s dreamy vocals weave in and out of a light and well-tamed acid line throughout the duration of the original, which relies upon a steadily churning kick drum to anchor the track firmly in place. As the song proceeds, there are moments where “Fantasia” builds and hints at something more psychedelic developing on the horizon, but we’re never given a chance to hear it. It feels like KiNK is holding back, rather than unleashing something a tad more trippy—and potentially more interesting. Still, the track is perfectly serviceable on its own, and any sense of disappointment it provokes likely has more to do the weight of expectation that comes with KiNK’s solid reputation as a live performer.

On the flip side is a rework from LA-based producer Truncate, who employs a hypnotic vocal loop, slowly stretching it back and forth and pushing it through various filters to create a dizzying effect. The sudden arrival of attention-grabbing claps provides an unexpected flurry of last-minute energy, yet they quickly disappear in the track’s final minute as the whole affair gradually glides to a close.