Darrell Fitton moves in mysterious ways-be it his little-known role as co-producer of Autechre’s Incunabula, his contribution to Warp’s seminal Artificial Intelligence series, or the constellation of releases as Bola, Fitton has been on the vanguard of experimental electronics since the mid-1990s. And while the horizons of that particular scene may have narrowed considerably in the decade since, Fitton’s vision is as broad as ever on Kroungrine, his fourth proper full-length. Amniotic software squelches meld with jazz-inflected bass riffs, detuned synth melodies, and roughshod breakbeats. Fitton is perhaps at his best when he is most contemplative, though: The album’s closer, “Diamortem,” is a 15-minute opus that’s one part Tangerine Dream, one part contemporary classical.