The music of Munich‘s Lali Puna (featuring The Notwist‘s seemingly ubiquitous Markus Acher) is like being teased with a rabbit fur flogger: there‘s a snap to the Teutonically informed electro-pop, but any impact is far more supple than unsettling. And Lali Puna‘s last album, Faking The Books, was a real looker. So can you improve on the chirping goodness? No. But artists including Bomb The Bass (a skulking highlight), Boom Bip, Two Lone Swordsmen (crunchy), Sixtoo, Alias, Dntel (another, bouncier highlight), and To Rococo Rot reinterpret the songs as melodic lopes both rubbery and rigid, at times dubby and others blunted. Throw in a smattering of jittery b-sides (“40 Days” and “Together in Electric Dreams” being tops) and purring, Lali Puna-composed remixes (for Boom Bip, Dntel, the Swordsmen) and you‘ve got a collection of pleasantly dawdling vignettes-not as vivacious as the steady jangle of Faking The Books, but worth a flick or three.