Song titles say it all on Lemonade’s eponymous debut. “Big Weekend” and “Blissout” are armed with the populist approach that you’d expect–a psychedelic hodgepodge of samples, wonky synths, and tumbling percussion for the indie-kid dance set. One can almost envision throngs of neon sneakers and flipped-up baseball caps when “Nasifon” launches into its clap-along house-flavored romp, or when “Real Slime”‘s wobbly dub influences are nearly cancelled out by ludicrous lyrics. Fittingly, the West Coast party is crashed during its final comedown moments. “Unreal” may feel like this zany trio has run out of uppers, but the loads of delay on the vocals and absolutely huge-sounding bass stabs make it seem as if the shit’s just about to go off.