Following a string of singles well received by both the clubs and the press, former Six Finger Satellite guitarist John Maclean makes his long-awaited LP debut on scene stalwart DFA, and fans will not be disappointed. Less Than Human features everything we‘ve come to love about Maclean‘s productions-gritty dance beats, pulsating Italo-influenced basslines, ‘80s-style syn-toms, disco vocals, and rock & roll attitude. A perfect soundtrack for 2005-halfway through the first decade of the new millennium, Maclean has deconstructed, re-wired, and retrofitted an assortment of semi-ignored genres into post-post modernistic mayhem. Ironic? No, it‘s pure, unadulterated fun-the kind of no-holds-barred, balls-to-the-wall party jams that are so loose and juicy, so “fuck it and fuck you,” they‘re positively punk rock. Now get out of my way-there‘s a party going on.