Breakneck tempos, furious party-oriented lyrics, humorous asides, catchy choruses, and a star-studded guest list (Chris Brown, Wyclef, Swizz Beats, Rhianna, Shaggy) mark the Energy God’s return. As usual, Ele concentrates on sex, dancing, and keeping the vibes sky-high. In his oversized hands, dancehall music is treated with church-like reverence; his calls to action have all the authority of a pastor’s sermon. The intensity could easily inspire holy roller-like convulsions, most notably on “Jump,” a crunk-ragga-hop tune with all the impact of a thermonuclear jackhammer. As its title suggests, Let’s Get Physical isn’t an especially cerebral album, but if you have to think too hard about shakin’ your moneymaker to this, yuh nah ready yet.