Klute simultaneously goes with the grain and against it on this two-disc set. Despite the dark title, Lie Cheat & Steal kicks off with lush, meandering drum & bass, awash in synthetic strings and airy melodies underpinned by sturdy, dancefloor-ready breaks and bass. The tracks are beautifully arranged, stately and atmospheric-entirely what listeners have come to expect from this d&b stalwart. On the second CD, Klute veers off the beaten path, serving up leftfield breaks, early-’90s techno and swirling downtempo, among other genres. You Should Be Ashamed might be an apt title, considering that most diehard d&b fans will probably recoil in horror when confronted with the horrorcore trip bleeps of “Black Flag,” the Banco de Gaia-style ethno beats of “Artificial Sense” and the proto-gabber of “Jamm the Box.” Whether or not this amounts to Commercial Suicide is the consumer’s decision, but you’ve gotta respect this ex-punk rocker for showing his multiple personalities, even if those personalities sometimes want to make tweaker techno.