Dreamy, psychedelic, swirls abruptly-almost randomly-punctuated by chipmunk-speed African drums, glitchy 100 mph mechanized riddims, trunk-rattling basses: Nicolette‘s Life Loves Us is simply the most instinctively free music to still be within a “jazz” tradition since Coltrane‘s “My Favorite Things.” Skeletonized, these songs might adhere to the normal world‘s standards: “Sunshine” might approach jazz standard-dom; the come-hither “Jenny,” pop; “I Am Where the Party‘s At,” deep house or R & B. But Nicolette‘s borderline-schizophrenic history-Scottish born, Nigerian parents; former collaborator with both Massive Attack and Shut Up and Dance-takes the reins, resulting in an album as optimistically liberating as it is psychotically original.