In 1969, German-born composer Herb Pilhofer helped launch the first digital recording studio in the States. On Lifestyle Marketing, People Under the Stairs’ producer Thes One fittingly canonizes Pilhofer for his unique vision, but mostly for his catalog of distinctive, synthesizer-tinged commercial jingles. On the first of Lifestyle‘s two CDs, Thes utilizes tasteful loops and crisp, reverberating beats to celebrate Pilhofer’s flowery compositions. MCs are hardly missed on the light, flowery “Target,” powered by Thes’ stuttering string snippets and mid-tempo breaks, but the muffled choral samples that linger in “GBX Malt Liquor” beg for beer-muscled, boast-heavy verses. The second disc is a rundown of Thes’ carefully selected favorite Pilhofer jingles as they originally appeared, swathed in Moogs and textured multi-part harmonies. When it’s not inspiring inevitable cravings for “Crystal Sugar” and “Grain Belt Beer,” Lifestyle Marketing can be an elegant instrumental experience.