Dani Siciliano is unique for a number of reasons-the most contradictory of which is that she was a world-renowned artist long before the release of debut single, “Walk The Line,” earlier this year. She’s Herbert’s muse/musical ally, and has provided vocals on a number of his most popular tracks. Her instantly recognizable voice graces Nottingham house producer Brooks’s records, going against the grain of a flood of personality-free electronic house. Thus, her debut album, Likes…, has been eagerly anticipated, and rightfully so. Be it a Nirvana cover (“Come As You Are”), the aptly titled “Extra Ordinary,” or “Red”-whose oddball hip-hop groove is enough to embarrass Outkast-Dani’s record does not disappoint. “Walk The Line”‘s firm, Jill Scott-style put-downs suggested Siciliano wasn’t a lady to ignore, and Likes… confirms it.