Metereze—Raresh’s label that has thus far been used as a means of supporting up-and-coming Romanian artists—is now six releases in. Following the likes of Mihai Popescu, Barac, and Melodie is Limpid. With no official releases to his name, the unexposed Romanian delivers a four-track EP that is testament to the high quality of electronic music for which the country has become so widely renowned.

The record bears all of the hallmarks of a Metereze release: classy grooves and pristine production, delivered in a manner unique to the individual artist at hand. The two tracks on the A-side are deeper affairs, evidencing Limpid’s talent as a producer capable of delivering much more than simple four-to-the-floor dance tracks. “Copacul Vietii” is a highlight, as the producer expertly melds production techniques old and new to create a swirling deep house number, which is bound to ensure that that particular side of the vinyl will become well worn.

The energy is lifted considerably on the B-side. The kicks are heavier on “Speologie,” and a touch of acid gives the track an extra dimension that will never fail to get the dancefloor moving. It’s followed by “Zibi,” a cut that elegantly rolls on, tribal drums providing the backbone for the most stripped-back, and most effective cut on the record.

Raresh’s ability to pluck what seems like the cream of Romania’s crop from relative obscurity has been consistently impressive. Even more impressive is that each artist he brings forwards provides an original twist to an otherwise saturated style. Limpid’s record is up there with the genre’s very best releases this year, leaving an insatiable curiosity for the rough diamond Raresh will be polishing next.


Side A
Uncle Sens
Copacul Vietii

Side B

Snippets available here.