Typical electronic concert albums are either lazy, carbon copies of studio-made tracks or improvised messes for the brave to sit through. Post-techno stars Mouse on Mars have achieved a happy balance between the two extremes on Live 04. As their Deleuze-drugged jabber about rhizomes and “bodies without organs” hints, they couldnā€˜t release a mere concert tape-instead, they meshed together bits of their top performances from hundreds of hours of recordings. The results-created with guitar, bass, keys and a trapkit-are striking as they give their oldies wider breathing spaces and greater spontaneity. “Diskdusk” and “Wipe That Sound” are funkier and more unhinged, while “All The Old Powers” melts out of the stereo. Despite risks of Basement Jaxx-like big-beat schmaltz, MoM is still full of too many good ideas after more than a decade of existence.