It starts with a Teutonic cover of a Smog song (Gudrun Gut’s interpretation of “Rock Bottom Riser”) and ends with a track that likens music to an intoxicant (Seventeen Evergreen’s “The Music Is The Wine”). In between, Kill the DJ-affiliated DJ/producer Chloe spans the breadth of a decade of music (from Larry Heard to Kalabrese) in search of thrills, for the first in a quartet of releases celebrating the legendary Offenbach-based club’s 10th anniversary. As ever, Chloe’s take on house is an endearingly rough-edged one, with highlights such as DJ Koze’s “Mariposa,” Samim & Michal’s “Circles,” and her own “Casus Belli”—a collaboration with Krikor under the Plein Soleil moniker—cutting through with just the right level of grit and dirt. Like Chloe’s polemically named last mix album, I Hate Dancing, this is thrilling stuff, full of personality and character; more than anything, it makes you want to be there.