I:Cube has been simmering just below the surface of the French house scene for some time now, keeping himself a bit mysterious while flipping from Metro Area-style electronic funk to loopy techno-IDM to collaborations with Wu-Tang patriarch RZA. Here, I:Cube revisits the mid-1990s ambient explosion in eight untitled tracks that immediately envelop the listener in the kind of evocative, flowing sound galaxies once crafted by Global Communication and Aphex Twin. Created for the Starball Festival at the La Villette Planetarium in France, Live at the Planetarium is perhaps best suited for iPod-enabled stargazing, as the gentle drifts into dub and house beats serve to bridge the gaps between sampled chants and low-key glitches. If Pink Floyd is the thrasher’s planetarium soundtrack of choice, I:Cube will be the raver’s option for those nights spent way, way outside the club.