It’s becoming evident that you need at least a nodding acquaintance with madness to really appreciate Black Dice’s music. Since 2002’s Beaches and Canyons, these Brooklynites have been wreaking mental havoc by altering the very molecular structure of sound and mutating rhythm into grotesque–and riveting–configurations. Load Blown further refines the shattered-form, post-everything experiments of 2005’s Broken Ear Record. The emphasis again is on building hypnotic rhythms via unconventional sound sources (industrial collapse, machine malfunction, drug-victim voices) and processes. Nothing is as it seems; disorientation reigns. But in their perverse way, Black Dice is making dance music–for H.P. Lovecraft characters. On Load, unprecedented noises teem with menacing intensity, and a hideous new beauty blossoms. Album of the decade(nt).