LA‘s multi-faceted John Tejada never merely goes forward. Expanding from 2003‘s Fairfax Sake (Playhouse), Tejada‘s 10th full-length Logic Memory Center, offers less synthesizers and focuses more on meticulously quirky sound construction. This is deep, well-polished minimal techno for the dancefloor. Ten shuffly throbbers evoke the low-end muddling of Ricardo Villalobos, the cartoony sound-splicing of Akufen, the lighthearted swing of Matthew HErbert, and the glossily digitized mini-funk of Steve Bug and Jeff Samuel. Three tracks are graced with gentle, heartfelt vocals from Kimi Recor (Invisibles), Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel, Postal Service) and Carl A. Finlow (Random Factor, Silicon Scally).