B-Girl supreme T-Love pulls a Josephine Baker/Nina Simone power move on her long-awaited solo effort. Fed up with Stateside industry politics (check her segment in Rachel Raimist’s documentary Nobody Knows My Name), she’s crossed the ocean and created a long-player that’s as much pimpstress slap at the music industry status quo as inspired slice of post-hip-hop flavor. The “new” T-Love makes a grand entrance on “Swing Malindy,” a song too jazzy to be called neo-soul, free-associating words, rhythms and melodies into an intoxicating mix of singing, poetry and vernacular in two languages. “Comme Dilated, je travais tous les angles,” she explains. Collabos with Jay Dee, Chali 2na, Miles Tackett and The Herbaliser bound across surprisingly fertile musical and lyrical terrain, as the fabulous Ms. Love makes every other female rapper but Medusa seem mo’ tired than Carol Channing.