It’s unlikely that there could be a more appropriate collection of artists assembled to remix The Field in 2012 than those featured on Looping State of Mind Remixe. Not only are there three distinct eras of electronic music represented by Junior Boys, Blondes, and Mohn, but the same number of varied regions and subgenres, as well. Whether the remixer selections came about coincidentally or deliberately, the lines drawn between all four of the names attached to this record create an exciting trajectory that outlines much of where ambient techno has been and where it continues to go, which is a lot more than can be said for most remix records.

Always reliable for a unique production, Jeremy Greenspan and Matt Didemus bring in Junior Boys’ tasteful brand of rigid synth-funk on their remix of the title track from Axel Willner’s stellar 2011 LP. It’s the only tune that actually does away with most of The Field’s trademarked micro-samples and swishy ambiance, and creates a clear-headed and vibrant dancefloor groove over the course of seven and a half minutes instead. Of-the-moment Brooklyn duo Blondes, which shares more than just a penchant for ambling dance jams with The Field, narrows the scope of “It’s Up There” to focus on a subdued analog pulse and the spectral swirl surrounding it. Though its contribution may be the least distinct remix on the record, Blondes makes a point of imbuing the original track’s refined vibe with a touch of its beloved warehouse grit. Ambient-techno godfathers Wolfgang Voigt and Jörg Burger close the tracklist with a slow, cacophonous take on Looping State of Mind standout “Then It’s White.” Under their recently christened Mohn guise, the veterans give Looping State of Mind Remixe its least dancefloor-appropriate and most cohesive production, as they drop booming kick drums over the original’s core vocal samples and wrap the whole thing in starry arpeggiations. The meditative track doesn’t exactly rival Willner’s phenomenal song (neither do the other remixes, for that matter), but nonetheless holds its own as a waypoint in the gradually expanding ambient-techno landscape.