There’s a heap of pre-emptive praise for this first album from Defcom owners Simon Shreeve (Kryptic) and Brett Bigden (Switch), and it’s not unwarranted. Producing together since 1999, their sound-placed smartly between Kode 9’s dubstep and Klute’s rushing drum & bass on any Mary Anne Hobbs playlist-makes perfect, though occasionally predictable, sense in 2007. Hurl a stake, or the sawed-off end of a Flying V, through their zombified “Steel Heart,” destined for a fast-and-furious videogame. The rest is vibrantly alive and fresh, especially the ganja-flavored “Minor Nine.” The lone lyric-based song annihilates Shreeve’s and Bigden’s hell-bound posturing with the line “Looking through your eyes/I see the universe looking back at me.” See, there’s hope yet.