Lotek Hi-Fi feels like all the sound systems at the Notting Hill Carnival rolled into one-it’s a post-millennium genre mingle that makes you want to strap on your string vest, your Dunks and a gigantic boombox, and roll through the streets in a hyped-up retro-futurist stylee. Producer Wayne Bennett makes the outfit tick by freaking out on hip-hop’s basic BPM template-he combines dub echoes, ska drums and deep bass with dancehall’s boom, clack and bounce to create an album that literally bumps. A gruff Aurelius, reggae/soul singer Wayne Paul and rapper/toaster Earl J further nice up the area with a variety of vocal intonations, and lyrics that range from party rocking to philosophical. While Lotek Hi-Fi presents a variety of flavors, the album peaks at party tunes like “Percolator” and “Hey Yeh Yeh,” which pair an Atlanta crunk sensibility with minimal UK garage tech and classic Jamaican bravado. Rinsin’.