What Steve Reich and John Cage did with electronics and musique concrète in the 20th century, Jack Dangers is deftly handling in the 21st. Loudness Clarifies/Electronic Music From Tapelab is his sophomore double-set for ¡mportant!, featuring guests David Wright (Code Indigo, Callisto) and Jon Drukman (Bass Kittens, The Ultraviolet Catastrophe). Dangers gets dancey first with Meat Beat Manifesto-esque boombity-boom beats-and-breaks on disc one, and electro-noodly on the next, with nifty goodies from his Marin Tapelab studio. His hero is the ultra-rare (as in one left) 600-lb. EMS Synthi 100 and its awesome bloops and bleeps. Dangers‘ dual sounds endure masterfully!