Daedelus, the postmodern Victorian gentleman, returns with more sonic splendor alongside a fresh entourage of cohorts. The curtains open to the snappy up-beats of “Fair Weather Friends” before the retro-mantic “Make It So,” featuring Michael Johnson, begins the eclecti-coaster ride of delight. N’fa (1200 Techniques) spits into the dark, sizzling “Twist the Kids” while Paperboy’s beat-locked lyrics navigate the filtered boomfest of “Touchtone.” Om’Mas Keith, Erika Rose, and Taz make their own contributions. The collaborative content is balanced by Daedelus’ kaleidoscopically edited instrumental tracks, ranging from warped techno fantasies (“I Took Two”) to acid-dipped showtunes like “Drummery Jam,” finishing with the disco extravagance of “If We Should,” recorded with his wife Laura Darling. Never a dull moment.