This New York duo’s third studio album presents a stripped-down, refocused version of the Ratatat. Shedding their reliance on novelty samples to create the hooks in their songs, as well as the rollicking, boozy beats showcased on their two volumes of bootleg hip-hop remixes, LP3 relies instead on the basics: guitars, keyboards, and beats. Recorded at an old house in the Catskills packed with a wealth of old instruments, the album reveals the band’s aptitude for anything with a keyboard: Aside from the standard synth lines and Moog melodies, LP3 incorporates watery organs, tinkling harpsichord, and even the occasional snatch of Wurlitzer. But indie club kids hoping for the next “Wildcat” shouldn’t despair just yet–despite all the analog noodling, LP3 still packs a few classic Ratatat dance gems for the fans.