Of Luaka Bop‘s eminently remixable catalog, only a small portion is represented among the 14 tracks of Luaka Bop Remix. While there are some proper triumphs here, by the end of its 66 minutes, fans of the label and of global-sound fusion in general are likely to be left shrugging. The best mixes lovingly play to the strengths of both artist and remixer: Koop‘s looped and boosted reworking of Susanna Baca‘s version of “Afro Blue,” the reggaeton mix of Los Amigos Invisibles‘ “Esto Es Lo Que Hay,” Scratch Perverts‘ turntable-terror take on Clinton‘s “Button Down Disco.” But the stuff fans might long for-Os Mutantes or Nouvelle Vague‘s bossa-post-punk-is AWOL.