How very thoughtful of the TruThoughts stable to release this delectable little gem: Make New Friends throws vibrant, punchy tunes from three previous Flevans EPs onto one handy disc, all the better for delivering a full, sustained dose of Flevansā€˜s uniquely cheeky, cut-and-paste sound. “Dinner with Boskins” drips with sassy funk and sharp brass fanfares, “Me & My Moody” oozes a smarmy, tongue-in-cheek charm, “Get Caribou” is all bright, sparkling, piano-licked cheer and “Sweep Definitive” is a sly, seductive, fractured-beat affair embellished with lush strings. Inventive, varied and consistently upbeat, Flevans takes happy-go-lucky genre-bending into new musical territory.