The holy trinity of West Coast turntablism forms like Voltron and drops its first LP of original material. From the first track-Shortkut’s bragadocious cut and paste introduction-you know you’re in for something special. After releasing mixed CDs individually, the Triple Threat crew-Shortkut, Apollo and Vinroc-come together for an album that showcases all their talents. Dope scratching is plentiful (“True Brothers”), guest emcees rhyme over sweet beats (“Ya Feelin’ It” featuring Souls of Mischief), neo-soul songstresses get their groove on (“How U Talkin’?” featuring Goapele) and Triple Threat get silly with some pretty funny skits (“Aye Mang?”). DJs go line-for-line on “Tha Cipha” featuring Rob Swift and Roc Raida, and it appears that funky scratching is back in style. Fr-r-r-eee-s-s-shhhh….