Sounding enormous isn’t necessarily about being enormous. Proof: Exactly three dudes comprise Brooklyn’s Parts & Labor, but the 12 songs on their latest release-the fiery, frantic Mapmaker-manage to sound utterly massive. Thank the synergy-drummer Chris Weingarten’s schizoid kit work is matched fit-for-fit by singer Dan Friel’s bulging-neck-vein delivery, and his burring, whirring guitar. Together, there’s an almost frightening amount of verve and dynamism. About three minutes into the aptly titled punk pummel “Fractured Skulls,” Weingarten’s hi-hats and snares gnash their teeth underneath a rousing synth-horn fanfare. The rest of the album falls in line behind these theatrics, each track exploding like a magnificent noise-pop firework display. It doesn’t get much bigger than that.