Music Aus Strom, which achieved cult status via Funkstrung’s stewardship in the late ’90s, awakes from its dormancy with this extremely coherent (if slightly dated) first compilation. It’s the kind of thing you’d have expected two years ago in the heyday of pre-glitch melodic IDM, but that’s not to say it’s not wonderful. A former Austinite, Lusine ICL’s Jeff McIlwain continues to dazzle with rich bass and charming echoed melodies on Risa,” while recent Austin transplants Stars As Eyes delve into uncharacteristically melancholic bass and Ae-ish effected synth on “Black Achievement.” On loan from Neo Ouija and DUB are Xela, Autophonic and Funckarma, who round out the choice material on MAS Confusion, apparently a taster of things to come.”