German production and A&R duo Trickski, comprised of Berliners Yannick Labbé and Daniel Becker, arrived in 2005 as inaugural artists for Compost Records’ Black singles series. Trading in lo-fi production aesthetics and loose, Moodymann-style beat structures, Trickski immediately attracted remix requests from Raw Fusion, Defected, and new home label Sonar Kollektiv. Members of the Trick compiles the pair’s favorite artists with their own new oblong electronic material including “Paperbitch,” a brooding electro-house number that swivels with nervous, scratchy beats. Solomun and F.B.I. deliver crisp, spacey disco grooves while Labbé’s “Gallieni” slithers to the top with its cinematic ’80s keyboard riffs. For those seeking quality leftfield dance music, Members does the trick.