It’s over… it’s over, begins the first song of Mike Milosh’s new album, his sadness evident from the start. The bittersweet lament of Milosh’s multilayered vocal harmonies are tinged with an approaching sense of hope; the notion that while the loss of love brings with it indescribable pain, the chance for romantic rebirth waits in the wings. These are the themes of Milosh’s last two albums, chronicling his adoration for and eventual breakup with a previous girlfriend. Meme sees Milosh moving on, discovering and exploring a new love. He draws us in on the gossamer threads of his voice, spinning his tale over a bed of percolating electronics and gently strobing synths that call to mind Telefon Tel Aviv or the majority of Morr Music’s roster; a nice set of slow jams for shoegazers and IDM kids alike.