A continuation of Dutch producer Speedy J‘s “Collabs” series, Metalism pairs the techno contortionism of J with the skills of German pümpmeister Chris Liebing. At first moist, springy and skittering, Metalism grafts on linear, aggro crunch by track four, “Hilt”-featuring a distinctly Teutonic, steely grind that lopes while not quite achieving Cologne‘s schaffle shuffle (almost reprised in “Cream 3”). For several tracks, imagine a piston-mounted sponge encrusted with broken glass relentlessly buffing a marble floor. These are peak-hour steam bath beats, the kind that flare searing sweat across palpitating temples. Following is a pixilated couplet-minimalisms glistening duskily like a post-apocalyptic aurora borealis-before the disc concludes with the chiming, locomotive “Trikco Live.” Insistent is the final word that comes to mind.