In the wake of James Stinson’s death last year, Drexciya’s other half, Gerald Donald, unleashes these six untitled tracks-the last of Drexciya’s “seven storms” of blistering techno-effectively closing the book on one of Detroit’s most respected outfits. Where the prior storm, Transillusion’s 2002 LP L.I.F.E., was infused with rich flavors of Indian and Asian melodic origin, Mice or Cyborg is straight-up Detroit steak-and-potatoes techno, rarely indulging in superficial garnishes. It’s all thunderous bass and Space Invaders attack music on “Lab Rat 2;” “Lab Rat 3” toys with a house undercurrent; and there’s a nod toward AFX’s atmospheric acid on “Lab Rat 6.” All of this converges to make Mice or Cyborg a fitting coda to the Drexciya catalog.