Londoner and Urban Takeover maven Mickey Finn flings us warped samples at hyperspeed on his latest drum & bass mix of frenetic wildlife at night. Special K and Darren Jay sport chirpy vocals on “In and Out,” Influx Datum feed on soul snippets during “Back For More,” and Basic Unit ‘verbs and squonks away on “Dub Principles.” Revved-up cheesy news intros spark Finn and L Double’s “When the Morning Comes (Peshay Remix),” spiffily complementing the mirthful tinkling of DJ Marky and XRS featuring Stamina MC’s “LK (Carolina Carol Bela).” Drunken Masters’ “Deep in the Underground (DJ Hazard Remix)” wields grumbly synths and flying-saucer settings before Danny C delivers a language lesson with “The Mexican.” And just when you thought it couldn’t get more peppy, nearly untrackable BPMs fuel Roni Size’s remix of JB and DJ Spice featuring Dark Angel’s “Me, Myself and I.” Whew-where’s the “Takeover towel” merch?