A slightly less Thirteenth Floor Elevators-go-shoegaze-rock affair than 2006’s Dins, Mirror Eye sounds as if it’s been marinating for years in an LSD broth. Opener “Mantis” sounds like some epic, early-’70s synth composition, stoically modulating its basic tribal beat, cyclical bassline, warped-bell keyboard motif, and atomized vocals, suggesting what peak-time Hawkwind might sound like if they recorded for Kranky. The rest of the album follows the same hypnotic, stoned tone—the glassy-orbed, languorously seductive “Eyes Closed” is space rock dubbed to infinity. Mirror Eye shows the band’s deeply psychedelic m.o. to be shaped by shafts of mesmerizing, Eastern-ish space rock à la Grails and Scenic. Clearly, Psychic Ills have more than one way to inspire bliss.