“I will never stop dancing,” declares Ms Kittin (a.k.a. Caroline Herve) midway through her first widely available mix-CD, “How can you be a DJ if you don’t shake your ass in the middle of the crowd?” This collection seems intended to subtly recalibrate our expectations of the French DJ and vocalist: Kittin’s breathy vocals have previously decorated electroclash records by the Hacker and Felix Da Housecat, but on this release, she looks to funky electro, minimalist house and abstract techno from the likes of Delarosa & Asora, Autechre, Kinesthesia and Panasonic for her kicks. Radio Caroline Volume 1 affirms the mix compilation as manifesto and autobiography as well as archival artefact. For the most part, it’s an absorbing mix. Ironically, Kittin’s attempt to assert her personality by adding commentary to her selection of tracks occasionally breaks the spell.